Premium Grade Products

Our Products Meet AWI Premium Grade Specifications

The Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI) premium-grade woodworking classification refers to a higher quality of craftsmanship and materials, as compared with economy and custom grades. Projects that are classified as premium-grade have qualified for the highest level of standards. This means our work meets the highest level of quality in terms of materials, workmanship, and installation.

What You Can Expect by Partnering with Eagle Woodworking

Unmatched Quality

In addition to sourcing only the finest hardwoods from the nation’s best lumber mills, our team has quality and craftsmanship ingrained into every step of our production process. We take tremendous pride in our work and it shows!

Superior Customer Service

We will work with you to ensure a successful outcome for your order, whatever it takes to do so. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we strive to ensure you are happy with our work.

Industry Best Lead Times

We understand the critical importance of project deadlines, which is why we offer 1-2 week lead times on all projects. Our steadfast promise to never miss your installation date means you can trust us to meet your deadlines! 

Double Your Production

When you outsource your doors and drawers production to Eagle Woodworking, you’re able to focus more on other tasks. Our customers  are able to conserve labor for other critical needs while also increasing production — up to double.

Customization to Fit Your Needs

We deliver not just exceptional products, but customization to match your vision. Our team is able to proficiently handle any custom requests so you can deliver on any project vision, without compromise. 

Ordering Online is Easy

You can order custom drawers and doors directly through our online form. Simply put in your information, add any necessary details — like a job number —, select your delivery option, and then choose specifics like wood species and thickness. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.