What You Can Expect by Partnering with Eagle Woodworking

At Eagle Woodworking, we are your single source for custom cabinet doors and dovetail drawers.
Meticulously Crafted, Top Quality

We make our custom dovetail drawers using only the finest Appalachian clear maple and other selected hardwoods, sourced from some of the nation’s most highly regarded lumber mills. We take tremendous pride in our work and it shows in our craftsmanship!

Unparalleled Customer Service

We will work with you to ensure a successful outcome for your order, whatever it takes to do so. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we strive to ensure you are happy with our work.

Fast Lead Times

We recognize the essential role of meeting project deadlines, offering 1-2 week lead times for all projects. Our unwavering commitment to hitting your installation date ensures your deadlines are always met with trust

Conserve Labor, Increase Output

When you outsource your dovetail drawer production to Eagle Woodworking, you’re able to focus on more critical tasks. Conserve labor for other essential needs while also doing more jobs! 

Customization for any Project

Our work goes beyond exceptional products; we provide customization that aligns with your vision. Our skilled team efficiently manages custom requests, enabling you to achieve any project goal without compromise.

Custom Drawer Options

Our custom dovetail drawers are made to your exact specifications.

Product A
Cutlery Insert

Store cutlery neatly for easy access with our custom cutlery insert, built directly into the drawer.

Product B
Utensil Insert

Hard-to-locate cooking utensils become instantly accessible with our custom dividers.

Product C
Cutlery/Utensil Insert

Store utensils and cutlery nearly for easy access with our flexible combination inserts.

Product D
Knife Block Insert

Free up counter space with our knife block insert, built directly into the drawer as a stand-alone or combined with another insert option.

Product E
Spice Drawer Insert

Eliminate the age-old problem of accessing and locating spices with our innovative, angled spice jar inserts.

Product F
Custom Dividers

Organize and neaten drawer contents with fully custom drawer inserts, built and installed to your exact layout and specifications.

Product G
Double Drawer

Instantly increase storage space with our double drawer configuration. 

Product H
File Drawer

File drawers can be configured for either letter-width files or legal-width files, arranged front-to-back or side-to-side. 

Product I
Front Scoop

Add a scoop to the front of any pull out drawer. 

Product J
Shaped Sides

Add a shaped side to your dovetail drawer to create a more elegant pull out. 

Product K
Logo Engraving

Custom logo engraving adds a distinctive and professional appearance to your dovetail drawers. 

Product L
U-Shaped Drawer

Under-utilized areas due to plumbing pipes can now be a functional space. 

Product M
Corner Drawer

Gain easy access to those deep corner cabinet areas, allowing for great space utilization.

Product N
Trash Pull-Out Drawer

Designed so that large drawer fronts or doors can be attached securely with a removable lid for easy attachment. 

Product O
Trash Pull-out Drawer - Flush Top

Designed for easy cleanup with the ability to use either  undermount or side mount slides.

Product P
Bread Drawer

Designed to store bread and other pantry products.

Custom Drawer Options FAQ

What is the typical lead time?

Our standard lead time for drawers and drawer inserts is 1-2 weeks. 

What wood types are available for Custom Drawer Options?

All our custom inserts are available in our standard wood types of soft maple, white oak and walnut. Requests for other wood types can be accommodated but may require longer than normal lead times. 

What if I want something more custom than the options displayed?

For any non-standard requests, request in the ‘notes’ section of the order form and email any pictures or diagrams to info@eaglewoodworking.com in addition to your quote / order submission.


How can I be sure my measurements are correct?

Head to our measurement instructions page for details on how to measure for drawer dimensions. All quotes and orders are reviewed by 3 different team members before being placed into production. If anything does not look normal or for any non-standard requests, a team member will contact the customer prior to the order being put into production to confirm order specifications.

Ordering Online is Easy

You can order custom drawers directly through our online form. Simply put in your information, add any necessary details — like a job number —, select your delivery option, and then choose specifics like wood species and thickness. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.