5-Piece (5pc) Framing Bead Profiles

5-Piece framing beads (inside profile) are available for all wood doors.

5pc A 5pc B

5pc – A (Style: Boston Shaker)

5pc – B (Style: Providence)

5pc C 5pc D

5pc – C (Style: Hartford)

5pc – D (Style: Portsmouth)

5pc E 5pc F

5pc – E (Style: Nantucket)

5pc – F (Style: Manchester)

5pc G 5pc H

5pc – G (Style: Newport Ogee)

5pc – H (Style: Concord)

5pc I 5pc J

5pc – I (Style: Portland)

5pc – J (Style: Plymouth)

5pc K 5pc M

5pc – K (Style: Salem)

5pc – M (Style: None)

*Beveled edges to create shadow lines are available upon request.

MDF Framing Bead Profiles 2-Piece (2pc) and 1-Piece (1pc)

2-Piece (2pc) Profiles

1-Piece (1pc) Profiles

2pc A 1pc A

2pc – A (Style: Jefferson Shaker)

1pc – A (Style: Jefferson Shaker)

2pc B 1pc B

2pc – B (Style: Monroe)

1pc – B (Style: Monroe)

2pc C 1pc C

2pc – C (Style: Adams)

1pc – C (Style: Adams)

2pc D 1pc D

2pc – D (Style: Franklin)

1pc – D (Style: Franklin)

2pc E 1pc E

2pc – E (Style: Washington)

1pc – E (Style: Washington)

2pc F 1pc F

2pc – F (Hamilton)

1pc – F (Style: Hamilton)

2pc G-1 1pc G-1

2pc – G (Madison Ogee)

1pc- G (Madison Ogee)


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